Side A (Siren Fall | Mary Ghosted | Whisper the Curtains | Spider Veins | Domes)

from by Infinite Neck

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For seamless transitions between songs, listen to Side A followed by Side B.
Individual Tracks can be found below the "Sides"


Siren Fall

Come and find me for the last fight
I’ve gotten lost now
i still got a bite
Climb up the stairs watch you falling down

Mary Ghosted

Ain’t dead, Mary ghosted
Leaves, won’t fall for you
Cat call slip & slide
Eyes are wide for you
bugging out on the Xmas lot
i stopped and stared, like you do
i found out, i was waiting out
a long, lost struggle before doom
I’ll breath in too suddenly
met with realities i’ve done wrong
I’ll breath into reality
faster than fantasies
i’ve already done
Sharpened plastic finger nails
lies out of the blue
sickly sweet orange vanilla pain
habits intertwined
fuck you too
I’lll breath into suddenly
met with realities
i’ve done wrong
I’ll bleed into reality
faster than fantasies
of when i was young
where i walk i’m not too shocked to find
you are behind
Where I walk i’m sad, not shocked to find
You’re falling behind
where you seep out of the motion sleep
into the silent scream
under we bleed
where you creep out of the oceans deep
like a static cream of doom

Spider Veins

I’m a natural blue
grows in like dusty leaves
falls out like velvet sleeves
Oh where are your shoes?
Mop up the window pane
feeling up my spider veins
Carpet ripping renewal
spaced out and filled with lead
wake up until your dead
Sawdust clogging my ears
Dig into haunted soil
dead bestie wrapped in foil
Chocolate smeared smile
take a toothpick
he gave you a chance
you’ll never know
what you missed
I got nothing to loose
eight boxes hold my shit
i might burn all of it
Neighbor nausea ensues
watching your skin fall off
covered joke, muffled cough
Faceless voices that we’ve kept and turned into a story
constant repeat and they’ll never know
Flower coated debris
slush sentimentally ink
get broke and feel unique
i got nothing to prove
i like the way i dance
and my bitter attitude


from Neon Neutral Spells, released October 24, 2019
Collaboratively Composed and Created by Michael Dooley & Finn Kupel

Production, Instrumentation, & Arrangement by Michael Dooley

Vocals & Lyrics by Finn Kupel

Mastered by Adam Hirsch
at The Creek in Oakland, CA


all rights reserved



Infinite Neck Oakland, California

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